The HSP Rebirth Formula

This formula is created by a highly sensitive person for all highly sensitive entrepreneurs everywhere.

The world is ready for you to be you, live your life unapologetically, and use that deep self love to uncover your inner confidence and gain visibility through magnetising your soulmate clients with ease. The HSP Rebirth Formula is a customised process I created to help highly sensitive persons like myself to strip off the layers of conditioning you've been exposed to through the years.


Everything begins with infusing life and giving spirit into something that we want to build upon, in this case, our businesses. Soulify is the first step of the Rebirth Formula because it focuses on you, the creator. This is when you'll get the chance to remember who you are, embrace the benefits of being highly sensitive, take a look and determine what your goals and desires are, begin a daily "vacation" for yourself, and work deeply on your self limiting beliefs with a specific mindset tool that goes deep and heals for the long-term. Energy is what you use to call your soulmate clients in. This is what you’ll learn and apply in Soulify.


This is the second step of the Rebirth Formula, the masculine equivalent to the feminine practice you've developed on the first step. Strategize is when we look externally into the practical steps of what's needed to be visible in the online marketplace. With the strong sense of self we nurtured on Soulify, we can confidently venture to the world of social media, email list, and content creation with the goal of living our authentic highly sensitive selves. This may initially be a scary thing for highly sensitive entrepreneurs but I crafted Strategize exclusively for HSPs and this part of the program is nothing like the templated marketing strategies you’ve seen online. This empowers you to use who you authentically are to expand your comfort zone - without the anxiety and overwhelm.


When the feminine and masculine energies have been elevated, the next phase is marrying and balancing both. This is what the third step of the Rebirth Formula is for. Sustain is when we essentially continue and upgrade our work on Strategize while also injecting Soulify practices. We assess and course correct as necessary everyday to figure out what works best for you. Your business is more than about profit, it’s a soul mission that you’ll be fulfilling whether you’re in flow or not. Given that, you’ll learn how to navigate business in all the highs and lows of emotions you experience. Being in this phase can lead to moments wherein you have to remind yourself of your priorities, and choose "you" every step of the way.


This is the special formula that has helped me finally breakthrough and get into alignment, achieving this place in my life, building a business as a highly sensitive entrepreneur that I can be grateful for every moment of the day.

If this is what you desire...