Elreyna Cale

I never thought that I would need a coach especially like Jennica. She did so much wonders on how I view my virtual assistance business and how I market myself. At present, I am much more confident with how I create and package my services for my clients. It was more than just listing down my offerings but she helped me structure them in a way that offer values and benefits to potential clients. Even though we're still working 2 weeks in in our 90-day journey, I could say that I am much more confident in marketing myself as a Tech VA in service to my clients. Apparently, I just renewed contracts with 2 clients and another 2 new onboarding ones.

I am always looking forward with our coaching calls which surely is packed with so much learnings. Entrepreneurial life isn't lonely and scary anymore with her purposeful guidance. :) 

Jennica & Co.