Meet Virtually With Jennica

Jennica helps highly sensitive entrepreneurs:

  • Dive deep into who they truly are

  • Embrace their traits as HSPs

  • Cope with intense emotions through a specific mindset tool, the cognitive behavioral approach to coaching

  • Uncover their inner confidence

  • Build online visibility to magnetise their dream clients in a soulful way (includes strategies on how to build a social media following, grow an email list, and create content that connects with your audience).

3-session bundle


  • For those who want to dip their toes first, 3 1-hour weekly sessions

  • Voxer support in between sessions

5-session bundle


  • For the committed go-getters, 8 1-hour weekly sessions

  • Voxer support in between sessions

single session


  • 1 hour session

  • 7 days Voxer support (Voxer is a messenger app that we can exclusively use for our time together. It’s not as distracting as Facebook Messenger of Instagram DMs.)

  • This is usually for follow up or confidence activation sessions as we can’t dive deep in just one hour


Let’s get started!