Strong Boundaries & Exacting Standards

Jennica Collado

Are you a chronic people pleaser? Do you sacrifice what you want to "keep the peace" and keep people happy?

Do your clients make unreasonable demands, always late, and is unresponsive for things you need to do your job?

Are you frustrated with not getting exactly what you desire?


As these cycle of struggle continues, you feel drained and tired from working in your business, always with that tinge of a feeling that you're being taken advantage of.

You tend to sell your soul and sacrifice even your most heartfelt values to hold to that nightmare client so dearly.

But the worst of all... You learn how to find comfort in this being your "normal".

You allow people to walk all over you, which keeps you from thriving and actually loving your business!

Your business is a mirror of who you are. Your followers and Facebook group members are mirrors to how you've grown and the things you still need to learn. You change, they change and you attract even more of your dream clients.

For most of my life, I was living that living that life.

I thought it was what a "nice" business woman would have to swallow to be able to grow a business and prosper from it.

September 2017 was when I began to say, "I'm tired. Life isn't supposed to be this hard."

I started studying energetics with spirituality and psychology. I discovered the incredible lesson of taking back my power as a soul and that the way to do that is setting proper boundaries in my life and business.

It was a gradual process for me because I had to learn how to actually do that on my own.

A lot of teachers would happily teach about the what's and why's but never the how's.

I practiced what I learned and it was surprisingly incredibly challenging.

Fast forward to now, I have accepted my role as a client attraction energy magnet, live in a 2-bedroom apartment with my hammies, do what I desire everyday, work only with my soulmate clients, help said clients get amazing results, and have healthy and loving relationships with my partner and family.

I am living life the way I have always wanted.

My life is my own testimony to this process.

This masterclass activates you, switching on your magnetism by making you aware that you're your own source of power.

This teaches you the practicalities of how to assess your life and how to set proper boundaries. in aspects you never imagined.

Having and standing in your power helps you to become the best entrepreneur you can be while serving the world in a way only you can.

In this masterclass, you'll walk away with lessons about:

  • Proper boundaries: what is it and why is it important.

  • The magical power of energetic minimums.

  • Ways to set proper boundaries in life and business.

  • Challenges that may arise and how to work through them.

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