Kind words from amazing women

rebecca cross


Business Success and Motivational Strategist

Thank you Jennica for your amazing support and coaching!

My mindset was so against technology it was putting me back in my Businesses growth. I wanted to work with someone who was aligned with me and of what I’m trying to achieve and the universe placed you in-front of me. 

You worked with me 1:1 on my e-mails and my automation behind my digital

Courses that made my life and the running of that part of my business seamless.  

Now I feel I can do anything within the online marketing space of my business  and I will work with you over and over again.

elreyna cale



I never thought that I would need a coach especially like Jennica. She did so much wonders on how I view my virtual assistance business and how I market myself. At present, I am much more confident with how I create and package my services for my clients. It was more than just listing down my offerings but she helped me structure them in a way that offer values and benefits to potential clients. Even though we're still working 2 weeks in in our 90-day journey, I could say that I am much more confident in marketing myself as a Tech VA in service to my clients. Apparently, I just renewed contracts with 2 clients and another 2 new onboarding ones.

I am always looking forward with our coaching calls which surely is packed with so much learnings. Entrepreneurial life isn't lonely and scary anymore with her purposeful guidance. :)