Intensive 1:1 Session

a 1:1 container to jumpstart your magnetism, recharging your inner confidence


Sometimes, we just need a quick activation session to remind ourselves of how magnetic we are for the things we desire... A time with a guide to help us course correct and hold space to allow us to remember who we are.

This is why I created a 2-hour 1-on-1 intensive session for you!

We can work through what's holding you back with showing up in your power online. No matter what it is -- fear, anxiety, confusion, comparison, or creating a strategy to clear the path for you. Then switch on your magnetism for the time being to carry you through the next series of steps you have to go through to attract your dream clients.

If you show up committed and ready to take action, you'll walk away from our session with an action plan you can work on as soon as possible, feeling empowered, and full of clarity.

This is $500 for a 2-hour intensive with email and Voxer support (walkie talkie/messenger app) for the next 7 days.

Here’s how you can save your slot:

Step 1: Settle your payment through this Paypal link.

Step 2: Send me an email at so I can send you the link to book your call.


This amazing lady’s energy is very transformative in just a matter of an hour. Thank you so much for the call today, lovely. I am still in awe and motivated at the same time. I am buzzing!

ELREYNA CALE, Pinterest Strategist

In just an hour, I have learnt a lot, got the clarity that I was seeking for and finally found a sense of direction for my business.

FRANCINE DALAPAG, Pinterest Manager