I am a conduit for your most electric client relationships and visibility opportunities to come into your experience.


i’m jennica and I turn on people’s magnetism.

jennica collado

I know you.

You're in business for more than a year now... You've had clients every now and then, but not as consistently as you want.

You recognise how visibility can help you get through this hump but it's the thing that scares you the most.

You've tried everything -- all the strategies from Instagram, to Facebook, to funnels, to growing your following, to branding... But nothing worked.

It's why I'm here.

Since 2016, I've studied and applied energetics in my life and business, which helped me take back my power, uncover a level of confidence I didn't know I had, and be unapologetically visible online — as a teacher and a woman in business.

I want to free you from the chains of visibility strategy. RIGHT NOW.

I can do that by switching on your magnetism. I electrify you energetically so that your highest relationships and opportunities can find you.

Are you ready for this?


Join other ladies in their journey towards visibility magnetism.