The Elite Coaching Program



Frustrated with feeling like you’re somewhat different? Like, no matter how driven and determined you are… No matter how much you follow others’ strategies to a T… It just doesn’t work for you?

Tired of not knowing where your soulmate clients will come from every month?

Conflicted between sharing who you truly are and wanting to please your audience into creating a connection with you?

Exhausted with other people walking all over you through asking for discounts, not remembering appointments, not paying on time?

Choosing to do something “safe” (like continue doing a service that makes you dread logging into your laptop everyday) to not disappoint the people in your life?

Feeling anxious as you prepare for a livestream because you’re not pretty/fluent/knowledgeable/experienced/_____ enough?

Spending several retakes when recording videos because there's always something that's imperfect needing to be fixed?


Well… I know you, friend. i was you.

But I don’t believe that that’s who you truly are. Here’s how I see you.

You’re a soul-driven highly sensitive entrepreneur who DESERVES to truly know who you are so you can use that and develop a level of magnetism like you’ve never had before… Attracting soulmate clients and dream opportunities you can only imagine!

You want the CONFIDENCE you know you need to move the needle in your business, giving your the ease you so crave for when it comes to being visible. Because deep down you know that showing up need not be such a struggle.

You want to BREAK FREE from the box you created for yourself, start seeing the world with an empowered perspective, call in your movement, and allow money in a way that's aligned to you.

jennica collado confidence coach

You desire PERSONALIZED STRATEGIES AND TACTICS created especially for the highly sensitive person in business, leveraging what’s unique within you (HSPs are only 15-20% of the population, we are indeed unique!) while expanding your comfort zone and growing your following.

You want to FEEL SAFE WITH BEING YOU IN THE ONLINE SPACE and stand out in your field in a way that your audience gets to know you - and can’t wait to continue hearing from you.




If you’re ready to…

  • GET RID OF THAT INNER CRITIC that continues to haunt you and affect how you see yourself and perceive your high sensitivity trait.

  • Finally create and follow a SOULFUL SYSTEM that prioritizes value and energy over exhausting hustle, letting your energy and visibility attract your soulmate clients.

  • Consistently GIVE YOURSELF THE PERMISSION to be who you naturally are, stop overthinking, and using the real you in your personal brand.

  • INFUSE YOUR PERSONALITY INTO YOUR MARKETING because you know deep down that there are no rules other than the ones you created for your business.

  • DEVELOP AND USE your unique traits of empathy and intuition to go deep with creating a lifelong connection with your soulmate clients.

  • Grow an empowered and LOYAL FOLLOWING who adores you and can’t wait to hear from you!

  • Have a calendar that is consistently FULLY BOOKED with clients, guest expert sessions, and podcast interviews!

  • SKIP THE STEP OF FIGURING OUT WHAT TO DO and floundering your way through it, instead having a cheerleader/motivator who has experienced the same struggles and understands you.

  • Show up with SOUL every single day in your business.


You can finally breathe, reassured that as much as you can work on gaining confidence on your own... You'll be able to get to where you want to be quicker and with less pain because you won't be alone in this anymore.


Who Am I?


I’m Jennica Collado, a Confidence + Visibility Coach for HSPs in business, on a mission to elevate the vibration of the world through helping highly sensitive entrepreneurs embrace who they are and use their uniqueness to magnetise clients to grow a soulful business.

I realised that I’ve been unconsciously uncovering my confidence ever since I was in university. It took me 10 whole years to get to a point of courage and self love to actually work on myself in a deep way. I decided to take a step back from all things business and focus on healing old personal wounds that caused problematic eating, an issue I've been dealing with for as long as I remember.

After several months of deep inner work that has nothing to do with business, I moved to a higher vibration that everything I did before seemed laughable. I noticed how my tendencies of self sacrifice and breaking my own boundaries spill over my business!

It's so much easier to go live and allow people to see me after that.

Jennica Bio Photo Blurred copy.png

Opening myself up to healing my issues with food led me to create boundaries and choose myself in a way I never imagined.

I found freedom through self love, which then led to discover Highly Sensitive Persons, which I immediately resonated with. Out of the blue. Without any dramatic moment, it clicked. This is what I’m meant to be doing all along! ding ding ding! I’m meant to lead HSPs of my generation towards a higher elevation through helping them uncover their confidence and grow soulful businesses!

And so I’m here… I now help fellow highly sensitive entrepreneurs through the same journey of self love with the help of the cognitive behavioural approach, my personal experiences as a highly sensitive person, my degree on Psychology, and my continuous study and research of HSPs.

My clients have gained multiple soulmate clients, found their true niche, is visible on Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis, does regular live videos!! and much more, because they’ve gained and developed the self love and confidence that allows them to see how powerful they are as business owners.

And I’m here to help you do the same.



My style

In a 1:1 HSP-focused confidence and visibility program, I work with a limited number of clients to dive deep into confidence, self-love, mindset, and customised content and visibility strategy to grow a following and gain clients with ease.

My style is a mix of COACHING + MENTORING that allows you to not only do the inner work, but to pave the way for you in creating the strategies and actually implementing the tactics personalised for your business.


What is included?

1:1 Support and Accountability for 3 months

12 Weekly 1:1 60-minute Calls

(Value: $4,000)

Unlimited Voxer Support

(Value: $1,000)

Access to all courses and workshops Jennica creates within the 3-month time frame.

(Value: $800)

Having a cheerleader every step of the way

(Value: Priceless)


The HSP Rebirth Formula



This is when you'll get the chance to remember who you are, embrace the benefits of being highly sensitive, take a look and determine what your goals and desires are, begin a daily "vacation" for yourself, and work deeply on your self limiting beliefs with a specific mindset tool that goes deep and heals for the long-term.


This is when we look externally into the practical steps of what's needed to be visible in the online marketplace. With the strong sense of self we nurtured on Soulify, we can confidently venture to the world of social media, email list, and content creation with the goal of living our authentic highly sensitive selves.



When the feminine and masculine energies have been elevated, the next phase is marrying and balancing both. This is what the third step of the Rebirth Formula is for. Sustain is when we essentially continue and upgrade our work on Strategize while also injecting Soulify practices. We assess and course correct as necessary everyday to figure out what works best for you.



I have LIMITED spots available, and one of those is yours.

The investment is $1,800 paid in full, or $600/mo for 3 months. If you pay in full, you receive one more free month of coaching, making it 4 months of working together.

If this resonates and you can feel that we have a similar energy, then we’re meant to work together.




If you are ready to SHOW UP, step up in your business, and build relationships with your soul tribe...

The first step is to apply for your FREE discovery Call.