Becoming Magnetic and Converting Clients With Live Video

A 3-DAY challenge (FEBRUARY 25, 26, 27)


Tell me - is this you?

You know that showing up online is what engages and builds trust with your audience. It’s what makes you stand out in a sea of other people doing the same thing you’re doing. When you shine your light unapologetically, you open yourself up to opportunities that you’ve never even dreamt of! You know how powerful video is as a medium to do all these - and more!

But… You’re scared. i GET IT.

You’re worried about stuttering, forgetting what you have to say, and long, awkward silences. You’re self-conscious about not being a native English speaker. You’re worried about how weak the internet connection is and how noisy your background is.

You’re wanting everything to be perfect. TOO PERFECT that you don’t do it anymore.


So you focus your time and energy on scheduling social media posts, going to in-person networking events, updating your website, revisiting your services package, engaging on Facebook groups, and offering your services for pennies.

But then… Every month, you pay for the scheduler tool you use for Instagram and Facebook, you pay for the entrance fees to in-person networking events, you pay for the domain for your website, you pay for the tool you use to onboard new clients, you spend too much time staying on groups - not being productive anywhere else in your business, and your energy is drained from offering your services for a huge discount.

And still, you don’t get opportunities for exposure and more importantly, a consistent stream of soulmate clients.

Your business is basically at a standstill and you know this isn’t what you wanted when you started.


I, too, had so much fear and anxiety around doing a livestream, nitpicking all details.

See if any of these sound familiar:

  • My hair looks too flat (I need extensions!)

  • I look too pale (Wait, I need to put on some makeup! Ugh my favorite foundation just ran out.)

  • I’m not eloquent enough as English is my second language (I need to start taking a course on public speaking!)

  • I hate how my voice sounded so high pitched (Uhm I need to start vocalising for video. Is that even a thing? Let me look it up.)

  • My internet’s not strong enough (Maybe time to move to another internet provider?)

  • My bedroom doesn’t have a white wall that will be pretty as a background for my videos (I need to move - And I did move to my own place, with intentional white walls so I’ll be comfortable doing videos everywhere in the house!)

It took me two whole years, with a million very creative excuses, to not go live.

But my fear of showing up is not as strong as my desire to make a difference with my business. So I knew I had to be honest with myself.

I took action by trying out different things and course correcting, figuring out which strategies worked and which didn’t. I make sure to prioritise my energy and alignment. I documented everything that worked for someone like me- introverted, highly sensitive, and purposeful - and I created my own method of uncovering confidence.

Now, I can confidently say that I can do a livestream with ease and excitement.

Meet my clients who have worked with me 1:1 and have gone through the same process and graduated with flying colors! Uncovered confidence and empowerment. Grew their following. Becoming guest experts for Facebook groups. SIGNED UP SOULMATE CLIENTS!


What they've learned from me is what I’m going to share in this 3-day challenge! (+ more)

Join us inside! We’re so excited for you!

You’ll definitely walk away with:

  • A step-by-step strategy on how to gain and improve your confidence and ease with visibility - may it be for longer live streams, masterclasses, or interviews!

  • Fresh mindset tools in your arsenal that you can reuse in any part of your life and business!

  • A new magnetic energy that people who are aligned can’t help but watch your videos, read your content, and engage with you!


Filling out your details below and clicking submit is the best thing you’ll do for yourself today.