A 5-week group program for women entrepreneurs to attract their dream clients and call in electric visibility opportunities

jennica collado

You've tried everything...

The "tried and tested" systems: building email automations, creating freebies, dragging your feet to work with clients who step all over you, trying your hand on funnels, screaming to be heard in the sea of other service-providers offering their services online, and many more...

You were such a good girl and you tried them all.

You spent so much money and time trying to do business going from the outside in.

But it never worked for you, did it?

Signing up soulmate clients is such hard work and seem to be a hit and miss.

You barely get noticed for visibility opportunities because people (yourself included) don't see you as an expert. You’re drowning.

Basically, all those trainings and coaching programs provided you with strategies NOT fitted for your genius to be activated. Of course it had no chance of working.

You want to be magnetic to clients.

The soulmate clients you used to just dream of working with.

The ones who are so easy to work with, does their part in your partnership, and provides you with the brightest, best testimonials ever!

You want to be magnetic to electric, visibility opportunities.

The ones that make your heart skip a beat.

The podcasts, FB interviews, and speaking gigs that truly align with your brand, your personality, and where you want to uplevel.

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Do this with an intimate group of women within 5 weeks inside ACTIVATE YOUR MAGNETISM.

Within 5 weeks, you'll learn...

  • How to assess "the container", creating a new routine of journaling focused on manifestation on demand

  • An introduction to the 4 fear + power archetypes to help you transform fear into power (also known as shadow alchemy)

  • Energetic marketing strategies to call in clients and opportunities in a way never taught before

  • The anatomy of marketing posts to make you stand out

  • Protecting your power and honouring your genius in every aspect of your business, bringing you only your dream clients and 10x your sales

  • Handling client communications and relationships as a warrior, never having to people please and self sacrifice ever again

You know you don't need another client attraction course.

You know what's happening in your business won't be solved by another funnel program.

You know that you will give EVERYTHING to see what you value - your business! - shine, thrive, be electrified.

You know you want and NEED this. You freaking DESERVE this.

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If you're into details, here's what you'll get inside ACTIVATE YOUR MAGNETISM:

  • The energetics of being in your Supreme Feminine ready to be magnetic to clients and visibility opportunities — and sales!

  • Personalised strategies on Facebook lives/posts, Instagram lives/stories/posts, and email list building — perfect for the introverted, highly sensitive, powerful woman in business!

  • An exclusive Facebook group

  • Unlimited access to a group of like-minded women in a mastermind and private coaching from me

  • 5 LIVE trainings and Q&A calls

  • More downloads and inspired content I'm called to share along the way!

Are you ready to sign up new clients and be visible with aligned opportunities?

ACTIVATE YOUR MAGNETISM is $247 for 5 weeks.

Let’s switch you on!

If you grab a slot within 48 hours, you'll receive the following bonuses:

  • A 60-minute Activation session for week 5 of the program ($200)

  • With 1-week Voxer messenger support ($300)

  • A social media audit for Facebook and Instagram ($150)

You know we're meant to work together. See you inside.

jennica collado