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Attract your soulmate clients as a highly sensitive entrepreneur

THrough knowing who you are, developing deep self love, and uncovering your innate confidence

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Are you a highly sensitive person (HSP) in business?

HSPs experience the world differently as we process information deeply, are more sensitive to subtleties, and are more empathetic than non-HSPs. Our unique traits make us effective and successful entrepreneurs. Go through The HSP Checklist to have an idea if you’re highly sensitive or not.

The HSP REBIRTH FORMULA for Client Attraction

The Rebirth Formula is a 3-step process that I’ve created based on my own experience as a highly sensitive entrepreneur building a business online. It’s the only coaching process that caters to highly sensitive persons in business and takes into consideration the traits special to be an HSP.


What you can expect from our work together

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Private Coaching


It took me so looong - a decade! - to completely uncover my confidence as a person. It took me 2 years to get into alignment and figure out what my soul mission is. Your own transformation doesn’t have to take that long.


Limited spots available.

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